_András Dunay
_name: András Dunay
_place and date of birth: Budapest, 1970.
_languages: English (fluent)
_education: Technical University of Budapest,  Faculty of  Electrical Engineering, Power engineering, 1989-94


_companies and activities:


Geometria Ltd.

Job title: senior system designer, consultant

Activities: consultancy in network asset management and electrical industry.


Unified technical registration – Feasibility study – E.ON/2005                                                                 Tasks: tasks concerning network asset management, ROI analysis, analyzing business processes.

Decision supporting system based on fuzzy logic in order to support the reconstruction-planning of the medium-voltage cable network – GVOP project/2006                                                                      Tasks: project management, developing the technical procedure, preparing a study, controlling the development, data consolidation, running the developed model, processing and presenting the results, publication.

Developing the ARTEMISZ GIS system – DÉMÁSZ/2007                                                                    Tasks: preparing requirements specification, surveying the support of the business processes, extending the existing medium-voltage data model with low-voltage network elements, developing, implementing and testing a network calculation method for the low-voltage network.

Introducing the OPTIMUSZ system – FŐVÍZ/2007                                                                                 Tasks: planning data model, extending it for the facility objects.

Introducing a Unified Technical Registration System at the Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Romanian and Bulgarian E.ON companies – E.ON/2007-2008                                                                                  Tasks: analyzing business processes, defining the system services, preparing a unified data model, electricity and gas network computing methods.

Integrated enterprise IT system development concept – ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ/2008                                          Tasks: analyzing business processes, determining the decision making model of business goals, defining system services and data flows.

Introducing an asset and work management system, WAM project – MAVIR/2008-2009                  Tasks: planning the logical and physical data model, electricity and asset management consultancy, planning the project supporting module.

Risk based maintenance planning for medium-voltage cable network applying Fuzzy logic – ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ/2009-2010.



Budapest Electricity Works

Job title: operation engineer

Activities: operating the medium- and low-voltage networks of North Buda, preparing load shifting versions for the medium-voltage network, testing high-loss 10/0,4 kV transformers, accepting and installing new facilities.

Job title: operation manager

Activities: managing the North and South Buda operation management centers, profesional supervision, directing operation management tasks: determinig the annual reconstruction plans, determinig the technical conditions for the new energy needs, approving construction plans, accepting and installing new facilities.

Job title: long-term planning specialist

Activities: determining the technical conditions of energy needs over 1 MW at the territory of ELMŰ, determining the technical conditions of  swithing the gas engine generators into network , managing their installation.

Job title: network developing engineer

Activities: determining the technical conditions of energy needs over 1 MW at the whole territory of ÉMÁSZ and at the North Pest area of ELMŰ, entering into network development and network usage contracts  with the system users.



BENKŐ Engineering Office, preparing thesis

Job title: engineer trainee

Activities: Developing redirecting versions for the reconstruction of the substation Gödöllő 120/20 kV at ELMŰ.



  2000. Technical supervisor training, Terc, Budapest
  2004. ORACLE Hungary SQL training, Budapest
  2004. ORACLE Hungary Designer/2000 training, Budapest
  2005. Branch specific-driven planning, IQSOFT, Budapest
  2005. Presentation Training, Profile Training, Budapest
  2006. Ensuring Return on Investment in Asset Information Systems, IET Seminar, Coventry, UK
  2007. Asset and Service Management Event for Business Partners, IBM, Rome, Italy
  2009. Data and business modeling with UML, IQSOFT, Budapest
  2011. Enterprise internal auditor training, TEQUA, Budapest



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